Our bucket list

We’re so excited to share our (expanding) bucket list with you! Here are the ultimate things we’d love to photograph, If you’re able to fill one for us, we’d be over the moon and you’ll even get a hefty discount! Get in touch we’d love to chat! 

1. Photograph a wedding/elopement in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Yup…you guessed it we’re massive game of thrones fans…We’ve been 3 times to Dubrovnik and know how stunningly beautiful it would be to photograph a wedding there or anywhere in Croatia to be  perfectly honest.

2. A beach ceremony - this doesn’t nesecerly have to be abroad this can just be down on Bournemouth beach…you should really check out beach weddings you can even have a fish and chip supper!

3. A clifftop elopement - if you haven’t seen the amazing cliff side elopement all over Instagram whereby have you been??

4. A birth - yup, you read that correctly! Birth photography has always been something I’ve (Lisa) been interested in getting into, it’s such a magical time meeting your newborn for the first time. If you’re expecting and you want to know more just drop me an email! lisa@lisamariehalliday.co.uk

5. A wedding at Disneyland - or Disneyworld! We’re not fussy!

6. A wedding with an actual funfair!! - by this we mean at least a ferris wheel…oh! and dodgems, because dodgems are AWESOME!

7. A music festival wedding - We want full on wedfest! Stages, live bands, bouncy castle, food stalls, oh and we want our own “AAA” passes!

8. A “trash the dress” Session - We vote that every couple needs to do one of these shoots…seriously…are you everplanning on wearing your dress again? Oh you are? Ok… well those of you who aren’t then we strongly recommend you do this...we’re not going to necessarily “trash your dress” but we want you to be open to all the photo options that wouldn’t be possible on your wedding day. for example swimming in the sea.. Or.. Standing on the side of an epic quarry. Yeah your dress might get pretty muddy.

We’ll be adding more to this list as time goes on! If you’re planning any of these the drop us a message over on our contact page!