11 Tips For Getting The Best Bridal Prep Photos On Your Wedding Day

Consider the Location! 

For your wedding day preparations it’s essential you have lots of space, you are probably going to have a lot of people with you whilst you are getting ready for the biggest day of your life…there will be you, your bridesmaids, your mum, dad, possibly siblings, plus then there will be your makeup artist, hair dresser with all their kit and of course your photographer darting around getting the shots, if there isn’t space for people to “go” then it can get crowded and a tad annoying when you want to be relaxed! 

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Consider the light!

Think about the light in your bridal prep location…Photography is essentially “painting with light” if you don’t have any light, then there won’t be any photos…for those stunning photographs you can’t really be getting ready in a dark room, the ideal location would need to be bright and airy...plus your makeup artist will also need all the light they can get to get your makeup colours spot on! If you’re planning on getting ready at home, make sure you clear a big area perhaps in the living room or a room that has a lot of light; this will be an ideal space to have your hair and makeup done and get those beautiful shots of buttoning up your dress and fastening your shoes. 

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Keep it cute!

Many brides get their bridesmaids matching robes to wear during bridal preparations, this looks super nice and it also ties your prep photos in with the colour theme, it also makes a super cute gift for them to wear in the future to remember your day by. It’s alsobecoming more and more common now for bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts to be given during prep rather than during the speeches with a ‘box of goodies’ for the day, for the girls I’ve seen these include robes, personalised wine glasses, jewellery, hair accessories, champagne etc. and for the boys I’ve seen socks, cufflinks, matching underwear etc. This helps to keep costs down as the accessories you were potentially already going to provide for them to wear has now doubled as their thank you gift.


Keep the room tidy! 

While keeping the place tidy may be the furthest thing from your mind on the morning of your wedding, doing so will ensure that you get the very best from your wedding photos. Wedding photographers love clean backgrounds for their shots so they can focus on you! It’s so much easier to move a carrier bag out of the way than Photoshop-ing it out afterwards. If you’re getting ready at home make sure you have a proper tidy up and a bit of a clean…the last thing you want in the background of your photographs is your unmade bed and clothes on the floor. Also…in my experience bridesmaids tend to arrive with LOADS of stuff…especially if they’ve stayed at yours the night before they’ll have their overnight things a few changes of clothes, shoes and other random bit and bobs scattered around the prep room. To keep them tidy too provide them with a large personalised tote bag to keep them organised!

Get into your dress early! 

So many brides get into their wedding dress just before they leave for the ceremony. If you can get ready 15-30 minutes before you need to leave, this allows some extra time for pictures with your mum and dad and bridesmaids before the ceremony, and it’ll give you some time to play with in case anything doesn’t go quite to plan! 

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The big reveal!

Make sure to allow your photographer to capture the reactions of friends and family seeing you in your dress for the very first time. These pictures will evoke fantastic memories from the day. Also, these pictures will remind you exactly how you felt during this emotional and exciting time. My all-time favouritereaction shot is when brides don’t let their dad see them until they are completely ready…it makes a beautiful photograph and sometimes emotional photograph.

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The boys!

If you want groom prep photographs and pics of him hanging out with the lads, then your wedding will essentially then become a two photographer job …unless of course you are both getting ready in the same hotel or house then your photographer can of course dart between the two rooms. If you’re after an additional photographer for your wedding then just drop your photographer an email they’ll be happy to accommodate this.

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Hang your dress! 

If you have space, hang your dress somewhere nice before you are ready to put it on. That way, your photographer can get shots of the bridal preparations with the dress in the background. This really helps to tell the story and gives context to the photos. Plus, it’s nicer than just a shot of the dress on its own.


The little details! 

If you particularly want pictures of your bridal shoes, jewellery, bridesmaid’s dresses, rings, stationery or anything else, then make sure to have them ready for your photographer. These are shots they will want to get early on possibly before the majority of people arrive at your prep location – leaving you time for the all-important pre-wedding preparations. 

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Leave a note! 

Some of my couples will leave each other a special note (or a gift) for their partner to read in the morning. Weddings are so much work to organise that often when the day gets here brides are thinking about everything but the important stuff. A nice note is a great way to bring focus back to what the day is about. Make sure you open it when your photographer is around; the moment makes such wonderful images.

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Have fun! 

By far the most important thing. Get some bubbly flowing, enjoy getting pampered and look forward to the most special day of your life!

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