We’re Lisa and Marc, we’re partners in life and partners in business, we met in November 2014 whilst working as photographers on board P&O’s Cruise ship Oceana. We instantly hit it off as friends which then blossomed into a fairytale relationship, apparently. I don’t want to brag but we did win the crew bar “cutest couple award”. When we realised we couldn’t get rid of each other we eventually hung up our life jackets and settled on land. We live in the Wiltshire countryside and love the idea of adventures, but the only adventures we have tend to be into the depths of Netflix. On our days off that’s where we’ll be, sat on seperate arm chairs in our living room binge watching anything from deep and meaningful box sets about serial killers to The peep show.

Marc has been itching to join my business for a long time, and it was actually his idea last summer that as a duo we could offer my clients sooo much more! And he’s right! We have lots of ideas up our sleeves.

We’re getting married in June and what a better way to start off our marriage by becoming business partners.

P.s Yes we know we look like we’re related…we get told regularly…but I can assure you this is JUST the glasses!

Salisbury wedding photographer

Hello! I’m Lisa. A.K.A Lisa-Marie Halliday

I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Originally I'm from Malvern, Worcestershire, I studied in Hereford and now I live with my fiancé Marc and our cat Pablo in the middle of the South Wiltshire countryside. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and a self-confessed cider and gin lover (but not mixed together..thats naughty)!

I’ve been into photography for pretty much as long as I can remember.

My grandparents bought me my first camera when I was 9, it was a panasonic 35mm camera that was auto wind on! I then upgraded that eventually to my first DSLR when i was 16. I went onto do a BA (hons) photography degree at Hereford College of Arts, specialising in commercial photography. From there I set up my own wedding photography business (Lisa-Marie Halliday Photography). Whilst running this I often dipped in and out of other photography jobs along the way. I worked as a studio portrait photographer and I also worked on a cruise ship as a photographer and lab technician which was one of the best photographic experiences for learning I’ve ever had.

I now have over 40 weddings under my belt with 6 years experience working in the photographic industry.

How I work - I have a huge passion for weddings and photography, I love capturing memories.

I provide natural and creative timeless images. All those special moments, emotions and atmosphere of the day I will capture in a creative reportage (documentary) style along with some posed photographs.

Many couples come to me saying they have camera shy, don’t worry...I get it!! I hate having my photo taken too. Believe it or not 8 years ago photographing a wedding would of been my worst nightmare, I was a shy, introvert, who loved being left alone in the studio to photograph flowers!! Now I LOVE getting to know new people and I strive at capturing one of the biggest days of your lives!

Salisbury wedding photographer

Hi I’m Marc - the other half of this brilliant business!

I’m a cheeky “character”, I love socialising with friends, going to the pub and drinking real ale. When I’m at home I like to indulge in a bit YouTube and I LOVE to cook!

What I love most about photography is meeting new people and making them laugh, usually it’s them laughing at me but we do have a giggle! I’m really good at engaging with those camera shy couples!

My love for media started when I chose to study media studies for A level thinking I could just sit and watch films all day. I was half right but what I loved most was that I got to go out and about exploring, documenting and capturing stories. From this I went onto study media production at Winchester university and graduated in 2013 with a BA (hons) degree. During my degree I took on lots of different skills such as photography, videography and animation. From there I went on to dabble more in photography and eventually got a job on board a cruise ship as a photographer and videographer, this is where I met Lisa. Once we moved back to the UK I gradually became her second shooter, to the point where we realised it would be silly not to merge our skills! Adding my ideas from a different set of eyes really adds to the creativity and the beauty of her images.